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Our strength

The expertise of our team members
Venture People Co., Ltd., with a team of over 70 professionals, consists of experienced search consultants who have been involved in headhunting for several years, as well as seasoned experts in the field of corporate HR (with over 10 years of experience) and individuals with advanced degrees (Masters/Ph.D.) in their respective fields.
These experts possess a thorough research and analysis ability, along with a high understanding of business, knowing the customers' needs and Human Resource Management (HRM). They generate talent business by leveraging their expertise.
The top talent search system in Korea
Venture People Co., Ltd.'s talent DB search system boasts the highest level in Korea in terms of quantity and quality.
Through various wide-area sourcing networks, we have secured the largest talent pool in Korea, and each project of each client company and the career management records of the relevant talent are linked and managed.
In addition, we are creating the highest work efficiency by operating a powerful search engine system that can search the talent pool in a diversified way.
Global Business Network
Based on our track record of performance and service quality, Venture People directly engages in business with clients and candidates from various countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, China (Taiwan, Hong Kong), Japan, and Singapore.
Additionally, we actively participate as a member of the Global Search Firm Network, NPA (National Personnel Association, Inc.), which consists of over 4,000 consultants worldwide. Through this network, we effectively connect clients and candidates not only within Korea but also internationally.
We are proud to have established a robust global business network that goes beyond the limitations of domestic search firms, and we strive to be a true partner for your global business endeavors.
short lead time
As there is a saying that speed is competitiveness, we will respond to the needs of our customers through aggressive business promotion.
objective character evaluation
At Venture People Co., Ltd., various objective diagnosis tools are prepared to diagnose an individual's vocational aptitude, personality and inclination, and core competencies. In addition, we have/operate a wide-area network of HR experts centered on the 5 major domestic groups who can conduct character evaluation without difficulty.
We hope that our clients will experience the best talent recruitment based on a more objective character evaluation and the opportunity for self-diagnosis for former candidates.
Advanced market analysis
Venture People has a keen eye for the labor market and industry trends. Our employees continuously update and share the latest market insights and talent information in their respective fields.
As a learning organization, we are constantly evolving and advancing. With these internal efforts, we are able to anticipate market changes and provide valuable insights to both our clients and prospective candidates in rapidly changing environments.