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Our Credibility

Partnership based on trust
We put trust with our customers first.
Accordingly, I will think of the client as the human resources department of the client and consider former candidates as family.
If the person recommended by us resigns within a certain period of time, we will recommend a successor free of charge as soon as possible.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We will try to be a service that thinks once again from the customer's point of view.
In addition to the Main Search Process, we will do our best to help you with follow-up management and pre-consulting.
Search service that recommends the best talent in a short time is basic.
In addition, you can receive advanced materials and basic consulting services related to personnel/training.
For former candidates, we will do our best to help them adapt to and develop their careers.
Thorough Confidentiality
Thorough work security! We strictly guarantee the confidentiality of our clients and former candidates.
Until the interview is finalized, the client company and former candidate will be held anonymously, and related data will not be disclosed to the outside without the consent of the client company or former candidate.
In particular, we promise to not cause any inconvenience to former candidates by proceeding with search work under careful consideration.