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In today's knowledge-based information society where various environments are rapidly changing, the importance of 'talented people' has gone from being a key success factor to becoming an essential factor for survival.

In July 2000, at the beginning of the new millennium, Venture People was launched by representative domestic venture companies of the time, their executives, and four challenging personnel experts.

Its beginning was a small venture company in the field of personnel service, but it was able to differentiate itself through advanced systems and business processes, and based on this, it has developed by establishing a solid foundation.

In the midst of fierce competition in the headhunting industry, we were able to take a leading position in leading the market because excellent human resource/industry/international experts who fully understand and digest our client's business in various fields worked through a knowledge management-based database system (customer company This is because systematic information/know-how/skills have been accumulated through interworking with /projects/candidates/DB).

Internally, it carried out tasks based on teamwork with a sense of responsibility, and increased work efficiency through activation of company-wide collaboration. Externally, it was possible to secure global talent effectively through international business exchanges with global networks including NPA. This was possible because of thorough service performance based on the spirit of customer satisfaction.

Through this process, we have now become a partner of clients ranging from world-class global companies to leading domestic conglomerates and mid-sized companies while accumulating a wide range of verified performance. Our clients recognize our service of recruiting the best talent in the fastest possible time as the value of Venture People.

Befitting the business value of Your Best Partner For Top Talent, we will constantly strive to open a new horizon as a good partner in the HR field through better service based on trust and a far-sighted attitude.

Yongjin Lim, CEO of Venture People Co., Ltd.